TaskPipe::Tool::Command_DeployFiles - command to deploy TaskPipe project files


When creating a new project, run this command first to deploy project directory structure and file stubs.


deploy files is the first step in creating a new project. You need to supply the --project=myproject parameter on the command line. deploy files then creates a directory with the project name you specified (/myproject in our example), and the subdirectories such as lib, logs and conf.

A project config file is deployed into the project config dir (usually /conf unless you specified otherwise), which you need to edit before deploying cache tables (see the help for deploy tables.) For example, if you installed TaskPipe in the sub-directory /taskpipe inside your home directory, and your project is called myproject then the path to your project config should be


In particular, the database parameters (database name, host etc.) need to be filled in correctly before you will be able to issue any commands associated with the new project. (Look for parameter values that have a tilde ~ in the new config file).



The name of the sample to use to deploy files


Tom Gracey <>


Copyright (c) Tom Gracey 2018

TaskPipe is free software, licensed under

    The GNU Public License Version 3

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