TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler - handling matching of parameter values in the plan


TaskPipe::MatchHandler is the base class responsible for interpolating parameters in the plan which are set as a particular variable (e.g. $this). To create a match handler for a new variable, this class should be inherited from. The minimum package to create a new plan variable is the empty package which inherits from TaskPipe::MatchHandler:

    package TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler_myvar;
    use Moose;
    extends 'TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler';

This defines a parameter variable $myvar which behaves just like $id. The variable is taken from the name of the package.

If you add this module and TaskPipe sees $myvar in the plan, it will look for the label _myvar and replace the input in the same way as it would for _id.

Why would you want to do this? I have no idea. It's probably more likely that, if you are wanting to create a new parameter variable, you want it to have some unique behaviour.

In this case you may want to override one or more of the methods match_condition, format_valid and/or match_index.


Tom Gracey <>


Copyright (c) Tom Gracey 2018

TaskPipe is free software, licensed under

    The GNU Public License Version 3