TaskPipe::Tool::Command__OpenProxies_TestOpenProxies - command to test open proxies


Test the proxies that were retrieved by fetch open proxies.


test open proxies goes through the list of proxies which fetch open proxies retrieved. fetch open proxies should be run, or at least started in advance of running test open proxies.

test open proxies proceeds through the table of IPs retrieved by fetch open proxies starting with the proxy that was last tested the longest ago, or not tested at all. Proxies that test successfully are marked available and will be used by TaskPipe::UserAgentManager_ProxyNet_Open.

Proxies that test unsuccessfully are marked for deletion, but not immediately deleted. This is to prevent retesting of proxies retrieved by fetch open proxies which are known to be dud.

After the time period specified in clean_dud_proxies_after, dud proxies are deleted completely (and thus will be re-found and re-tested if they remain on any list which fetch open proxies is gathering IPs from).

test open proxies can be run as a daemon process by including --iterate=repeat and --shell=background:

    taskpipe test open proxies --iterate=repeat --shell=background


Tom Gracey <>


Copyright (c) Tom Gracey 2018

TaskPipe is free software, licensed under

    The GNU Public License Version 3