TaskPipe::Tool::Command_RunPlan - command to run a TaskPipe plan


Execute the specified plan, or the default plan from configuration if no explicit --plan option is provided


run plan executes the specified plan in accordance with the settings in your config. To run the default plan (usually plan.yml) over the default project (as specified by the project parameter in the TaskPipe::PathSettings::Global section of your config) simply type

    taskpipe run plan

To specify a particular plan include --plan:

    taskpipe run plan --plan=specificplan.yml

To name a project other than the default, use

    taskpipe run plan --project=otherproject

To run the plan in the background use the --shell=background parameter. To run it repeatedly use --iterate=repeat. You can daemonize a process by combining the two:

    taskpipe run plan --shell=background --iterate=repeat

See OPTIONS for more information.


Tom Gracey <>


Copyright (c) Tom Gracey 2018

TaskPipe is free software, licensed under

    The GNU Public License Version 3