Ted Pedersen




Statistical library package to calculate the Loglikelihood ratio for trigrams. This package should be used with statistic.pl and rank.pl.


The log-likelihood ratio measures the devitation between the observed data and what would be expected if <word1>, <word2>, and <word3> were independent. The higher the score, the less evidence there is in favor of concluding that the words are independent.


Ted Pedersen <tpederse@d.umn.edu>

Satanjeev Banerjee <banerjee@cs.cmu.edu>

Amruta Purandare <pura0010@d.umn.edu>

Bridget Thomson McInnes <bthomson@d.umn.edu>


This measure currently only defined for trigram data stored in 3x3x3 contingency table.


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