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CHANGES Changelog for the Ngram Statistics Package (Text-NSP)


Revision history for Perl module Text::NSP



Released March 5, 2010 all changes by TDP and YL

  • Replaced huge-count.pl with a more efficient version that counts large number of bigrams by creating multiple files, sorting, and merging them. The sorting and merging are carried out by huge-sort and huge-merge.pl. Note that the previous versions of huge-count.pl and associated utilities can be found in /Text-NSP/bin/utils/deprecated and will remain there for at least one more release. They will not however be installed automatically. (YL)

  • Added --uremove and --ufrequency options to count.pl. This allow for frequency cutoffs based on ngrams occuring more than a given number of times (rather than just less than, which is what --remove and --frequency enable). This is a long standing item on the NSP Todo list that has finally been checked off! (YL)

  • Introduced /bin/utils/contributed to allow for the distribution of user contributed programs that might be useful to other users. These programs do not get installed automatically with NSP, and are not included in our standard testing streams, but could still prove very useful to users. Please let us know if you have code you might like to include here. (TDP)

  • Added nsp-stoplist.regex to distribution (in /Text-NSP/bin/utils), to serve as a default stoplist. (TDP)

     Reported here : <L http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ngram/message/280>

    This was not added in 1.11 due to failure to rebuilt MANIFEST.

  • Added support for 4-d log-likelihood (Text::NSP::Measures::4D::MI:ll). (TDP)


Released Nov 5, 2009 all changes by TDP

  • Fixed bug in statistic.pl which caused long form of pmi (Text::NSP::Measures::3D::MI::pmi) not to be handled correctly on the command line, and that caused pmi_exp not to be properly initialize when using the long form of pmi.

      Reported here : <L http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ngram/message/240>
  • Added nsp-stoplist.regex to distribution (in /Text-NSP/bin/utils), to serve as a default stoplist.

      Reported here : <L http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ngram/message/280>
  • Fixed link to class diagram in FAQ.pod.

      Reported here : <L http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ngram/message/230>
  • Fixed documentation Text::NSP::Measures::3D::MI::pmi to correctly show how we are computing expected values.

      Reported here : <L http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ngram/message/290>
  • Fixed a few broken links in README.pod that were discovered while preparng this release


Released March 26, 2008 all changes by TDP

  • Spell checked the modules

  • Relaxed test cases 27, 29 for ll, 20 for x2, and 13 for phi, due to arithmetic differences on 64 bit architectures

  • Modified Makefile.PL to go back to more standard methods of testing and installation.

  • Modified structure of /t directory for 'make test'. It appears that the use of subdirectories in /t with test cases might have been causing problems for Windows testing, so we have moved all test files to the top level of /t, and also removed the TEST program so that things are called in a more standard or generic fashion.


Released March 24, 2008 all changes by TDP

  • Updated Makefile.PL to no longer require 5.8.5 - have dropped back to 5.6

  • Updated FAQ with some explanation of ALL-TESTS.sh

  • Renamed /docs as /doc to be consistent with other packages

  • Added descriptive labels in POD in NAME field of .pl programs to provide that info on CPAN display

  • Fixed duplicate Copyright message bug in documentation of Measures.pm

  • Removed "help" messages from Makefile.PL execution so as to (hopefully) avoid problems with installations on Windows.

  • Corrected error in INSTALL instructions - csh ./ALL-TESTS.sh must be performed after 'make install'


Released March 20, 2008 all changes by TDP

  • Fixed problem with file Testing/statistic/t2 would appear (mysteriously) but not be in the MANIFEST. This file was left behind during /Testing/statistic/normal-op.sh and is now being removed.

  • Fixed problem in /Testing where .sh files are sometimes not executable. Those files are now invoked via 'csh test.sh' rather than './test.sh', meaning that they no longer need to be executable.

  • Fixed ticket number 24061 from rt.cpan.org regarding incorrect version information coming from Measures.pm

  • Archived all old ChangeLogs to doc/ChangeLogs directory. Began to use pod in CHANGES directory instead

  • Added doc/update-pod.sh to automatically refresh top level read only documentation including README, CHANGES, TODO and INSTALL

  • Fixed Makefile.PL to avoid problems during Windows install. This problem and fix was reported by Richard Churchill to the ngram mailing list. This may also address ticket #20371 from rt.cpan.org.

  • Modified Makefile.PL to allow for use of 'make dist' and also creation of META.yml


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