Ted Pedersen
and 1 contributors


find-compounds.pl - find compound words in a text that are specified in a list.


See perldoc find-compounds.pl


find-compounds.pl SourceFile CompoundWordList


Required Arguments:


Source file is the original text file.


Compound word list contains the compound words. Compound words are seperated by underscore "_". Each compound word is a line.


The original text contains "This is the new york city". In the compound word list, it has


The find-compounds.pl will find the longest match. After replace the compound words, the text is "This is the new_york_city".

Other Options:


Find compound words within one line boundary with this option. If run find-compounds.pl without this option, find compound words crossing lines.

Displays this message.


Displays this message.


Displays the version information.


Ying Liu. University of Minnesota at Twin Cities. liux0395@umn.edu


Copyright (c) 2010-2011, Ying Liu

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