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NAME - [Web] The server for allwords.cgi and version.cgi


This script implements the backend of the web interface for WordNet::SenseRelate::AllWords

This script listens to a port waiting for a request form allwords.cgi or version.cgi. If disambiguation request is made by allwords.cgi, the server first gets input options from allwords.cgi. Then it creates AllWords object. Using AllWords object and input options disambiguate method is called. The result returned by disambiguate is checked and appropriate message is sent back to allwords.cgi client.

Client-Server Communication The server loads all the required modules and listens to the port 32323. The client sends informtation with a preamble to know the server what kind of input data it is going to get. For example, the client reads the text to be disambiguated from the user and sends the context file to the server as below

<start-of-context> context-line 1 context-line 2 context-line 3 . . . <end-of-context>

The tags <start-of-context> and <end-of-context> are not going to conflict with the text to be disambiguated as we clean the text before disambiguation and hence the characters '<' and '>' will be removed from the text.

If the version information is requested, appropriate version information of the respective components is fetched and is passed to version.cgi client.

If the client requests for trace level, then trace output is fetched calling getTrace() method of

Along with sending all information to the client, the server also stores all the input data and result files on the server machine in a unique directory for each client.


 Varada Kolhatkar, University of Minnesota, Duluth
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 Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota, Duluth
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