Torsten Schönfeld


    $cs = {
        '/apps/someapp/some_int_key'    => { type => 'int',    value => 42 },
        '/apps/someapp/some_string_key' => { type => 'string', value => 'hi' },

    $reverse_cs = $client->reverse_change_set($cs);
    $client->commit_change_set($cs, FALSE);


A GConfChangeSet allows you to collect a set of changes to configuration keys (set/unset operations). You can then commit all the changes at once.

In C, GConfChangeSet is an hash containing keys and GConfValues to be committed in a single pass (though not yet with an atomic operation). Since perl has hashes as a built-in type, GConfChangeSet is threated as an hash with the GConf keys as keys, and their relative Gnome2::GConf::Value as payload.


Gnome2::GConf(3pm), Gnome2::GConf::Value(3pm).