urpm::main_loop - The install/remove main loop for urpm based programs (urpmi, gurpmi, rpmdrake, drakx)



run($urpm, $state, $something_was_to_be_done, $ask_unselect, $_requested, $callbacks)

Run the main urpm loop:

  • mount removable media if needed

  • split the work in smaller transactions

  • for each transaction:

    • prepare the transaction

    • download packages needed for this small transaction

    • verify packages

    • split package that should be installed instead of upgraded,

    • install source package only (whatever the user is root or not, but use rpm for that)

    • install/remove other packages

  • migrate the chrooted rpmdb if needed

  • display the final success/error message(s)

Warning: locking is left to callers...


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Copyright (C) 2005-2010 Mandriva SA

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