urpm::download - download routines for the urpm* tools




Reads and loads the proxy.cfg file ; Returns the global proxy settings (without arguments) or the proxy settings for the specified media (with a media name as argument)


Overrides the config file proxy settings with values passed via command-line

set_proxy_config($key, $value, $o_media)

Changes permanently the proxy settings

sync_logger($mode, $file, $percent, $_total, $_eta, $_speed)

Default logger (callback) suitable for sync operation on STDERR only.

requested_ftp_http_downloader($urpm, $medium)

Return the downloader program to use (whether it pas provided on the command line or in the config file).

sync_url($urpm, $url, %options)

Retrieve a file from the network and return the local cached file path.

get_content($urpm, $url, %o_options)

Retrieve a file and return its content.


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