urpm::install - Package installation transaction routines for urpmi



prepare_transaction($set, $blists, $sources)
install_logger($urpm, $type, $id, $subtype, $amount, $total)

Standard logger for transactions

See URPM for parameters

get_README_files($urpm, $trans, $pkg)
install($urpm, $remove, $install, $upgrade, %options)

Install packages according to each hash (remove, install or upgrade).

options: test, excludepath, nodeps, noorder (unused), delta, callback_inst, callback_trans, callback_uninst, callback_open_helper, callback_close_helper, post_clean_cache, verbose (more options for trans->run) excludedocs, nosize, noscripts, oldpackage, replacepkgs, justdb, ignorearch

See URPM for callback parameters

There's 2 callbacks that are specific to urpm::install though:

  • open_helper($data, $type, $id)

  • close_helper($db, $data, $type, $id)

Those are called when opening/closing a package file, whether when rpmlib verify or install packages.

The close_helper callback receives an extra $db parameter used in eg: drakx to check whether a package really was installed through a DB query.


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