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  Audio::DB::Web - Assists in web-based queries of an MP3 Database


  use Audio::DB::Web;
  my $mp3->


Audio::DB is a module for creating relational databases of MP3 files directly from data stored in ID3 tags. Once created, Audio::DB provides various methods for creating reports and web pages of your collection. Although it's nutritious and delicious on its own, Audio::DB was created for use with Apache::Audio::DB, a subclass of Apache::MP3. This module makes it easy to make your collection web-accessible, complete with browsing, searching, streaming, multiple users, playlists, ratings, and more!


This module is designed to work with the data schema created and loaded by Audio::DB. It's not going to do you mch good without it.


No methods are exported.




  Title    : fetch_user_playlists
  Usage    : $mp3->fetch_user_playlists();
  Function : fetches all playlists
  Returns  : A hash reference relating user playlist names to IDs
             suitable for building forms.
  Args     : -filled
  Status   : Public

Methods: user management multiplaylists / user (and option to share with others)

  user ratings (for songs and playlists)

browse by letter of alphabet, genre, album Stats reporting


Apache::Audio::DB - Generate a database of your tunes complete with searchable interface and nifty statistical analyses!


# httpd.conf or srm.conf AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3

  # httpd.conf or access.conf
  <Location /songs>
  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Sorted
  PerlSetVar  SortFields    Album,Title,-Duration
  PerlSetVar  Fields        Title,Artist,Album,Duration


Streaming code and links

BUILDING URLs from non-blessed items...need to handle this because it will come up alot Use lincolns code for scanning files

Browse filesystem

Update DB scripts

HTML module of common formatting options configuration page... limits to return option to download tarballs

Figure out how to track paths and such... Preserving this state is kinda hairy


Seperate out HTML formatting into a seperate module

Error checking and handling

Streaming code Column Sorting User management Playlist integration Playlist sharing Multiple Playlists Interface preferences


Apache::Audio::DB subclasses Apache::MP3 to generate a relational database of your music collection. This allows browsing by various criteria that are not available when simply browsing the filesystem. For example, users my browse by genre, year, or era. Apache::Audio::DB also provides search capabilities.


This class adds several new Apache configuration variable.

Database specific variables: ---------------------------- Value Default PerlSetVar DB_Name database name musicdb PerlSetVar Create boolean no PerlSetVar Host database user name localhost PerlSetVar User user name PerlSetVar Password db password

DB_Name field

This is the name of the database. If not provided, musicdb will be used.



  PerlSetVar SortFields  Album,Title    # sort ascending by album, then title
  PerlSetVar SortFields  +Artist,-Kbps  # sort ascending by artist, descending by kbps

When constructing a playlist from a recursive directory listing, sorting will be global across all directories. If no sort order is specified, then the module reverts to sorting by file and directory name. A good value for SortFields is to sort by Artist,Album and track:

PerlSetVar SortFields Artist,Album,Track

Alternatively, you might want to sort by Description, which effectively sorts by title, artist and album.

The following are valid fields:

Field Description

  album  The album
  artist       The artist
  bitrate      Streaming rate of song in kbps
  comment      The comment field
  description    Description, as controlled by DescriptionFormat
  duration     Duration of the song in hour, minute, second format
  filename       The physical name of the .mp3 file
  genre        The genre
  samplerate   Sample rate, in KHz
  seconds      Duration of the song in seconds
  title        The title of the song
  track  The track number

Field names are case insensitive.


Apache::MP3::Sorted overrides the following methods:

sort_mp3s() mp3_table_header() mp3_list_bottom()

It adds one new method:

$field = $mp3->sort_fields

Returns a list of the names of the fields to sort on by default.

#### UI ELEMENTS THAT HAVEN'T BEEN REWORKED YET #sub amg_link { # my ($artist,$link_text) = @_;

# # Encode $artist for searching: UC, replace \s with |, replace ' and , # my $artist_encoded = uc $artist; # $artist_encoded =~ s/\s/|/g; # $artist_encoded =~ s/[,\'\-]//g; # my $base_url = '';

# my $full_url = $base_url . $artist_encoded;

# # Formulate the AMG URL # my $amg_link = '<a href="' . $base_url . $artist_encoded . '">' . # $link_text . "</a>";

# return($amg_link); #}

#sub print_search_button { # print center( # startform(-action=>$full_url), # submit(-name=>'submit', # -value=>'Search Again'), # endform); # return; #}

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