Copyright (C) 2008 by Nik Ogura. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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#=========================================================================== =head1 NAME



        use CGI::Lazy;

        my $q = CGI::Lazy->new();

        my $widget1 = $q->ajax->activeDataSet({...});

        my $widget2 = $q->ajax->activeDataSet({...});

        print $q->header,

              $q->javascript->modules($widget1, $widget2);

        print $q->javascript->load('somefile.js');


CGI::Lazy::Javascript is predominately a javascript container. It holds the js modules necessary for widgets to function, and outputs them for printing to the browser. It also has some convenience methods for loading javascript files


dir ()

Returns directory path where javascript files can be found as specified on Lazy object creation.

q ( )

Returns CGI::Lazy object.

modules ( components )

Returns javascript for parsing JSON and making ajax calls, as well as the clientside goodness for the ajax widgets. This method needs to be printed on any page that is going to use JSON or the Widget objects..

It's included as a separate method as it should be sent only once per page, and would be included in the header except this would be an irritation for cases where CGI::Lazy is not using Widget objects. If called without components, it will send out only the defaults listed below.


List of widgets whose javascript needs to be loaded. JSON parser, ajaxSend, and sjaxSend are exported by default, the rest is on a per widget basis.

The modules method is smart enough to only output the necessary code for a given type of module once. Multiple widgets of the same type will not result in the same code being printed over and over.

For composite widgets, it loads each constituent widget in turn.

load (file)

Reads file from jss directory , wraps in script tags for output to browser


filename of js file

file (js)

Returns absolute path to file css parsed with document root and css directory


Javascript file name

new ( q )



CGI::Lazy object