Jakob Voß
and 1 contributors


Actually this class represents a hash that stores Beacon objects.

The current implementation is only a dummy.

See Data::Beacon::Collection::DBI and Data::Beacon::Collection::Files for implementation drafts.


new ( { param => value ... } )

Create a new Beacon collection. Up to know only collections in a database (Data::Beacon::Collection::DBI) are supported, so you must specify at least parameter dbi or this method will croak.

get ( $name )

Get a named Beacon.

insert ( $name, $beacon )

Insert a named Beacon. This method works as 'upsert', that means you can replace or add a Beacon.

remove ( $name )

Remove a named Beacon.

list ( [ %meta ] )

List the names of all namad Beacons. Optionally you can ask for specific meta fields that must match.