Jakob Voß
and 1 contributors


IIIF::Magick - transform image with IIIF Image API Request using Image Magick


    use IIIF::Magick qw(info convert);

    my $info = info($file, profile => "level0", id => "...") ;
    convert( $request, $file, "target.png" );


This module maps IIIF ImageAPI request parameters to ImageMagick command line arguments. See i3f (command line) and IIIF::ImageAPI (web service) for applications that make use of it.



Returns whether ImageMagick is available.

info( $file, id => $id, profile => $profile )

Returns image information object with fields @context, type, protocol, width, and height. Fields id and profile must be added for full IIIF compliance.

convert( $request, $file, $output )

Convert an image file as specified with a IIIF::Request into an output file. Returns true on success.

args( $request, $file )

Get the list of command line arguments to convert to transform an image file as specified via a IIIF::Request.

command( $command, @arguments )

Get call to an ImageMagick command (e.g. convert) with shell-quoted arguments.