Zane C. Bowers-Hadley


clog - Searches, displays, and colorizes log files.


clog [-ZJelvi] [-g <grep search string>] <log>

clog [-ZJelFvi] [-g <grep search string>] -h [-n <int>] <log>

clog [-ZJeflFvi] [-g <grep search string>] -t [-n <int>] <log>


clog is basically a frontend to bunzip, gunzip, grep, colorize, less, head, and tail that exists for the purpose of reducing the amount of typing and piping when viewing/searching log files.



Echos the command to STDOUT before running it.


Follows the file in question.

It implies -t and -n with a value of 10 if it is not specified.

Can't be combined with -h or -F.


Run grep first.

Can't be combined with -f.

-g <grep string>

A search string to pass to grep if desired.


Head the log file

Can't be combined with -t.


Grep is case insensitive.


The file should be un-bzip2ed.


Pass the output to less -R.

-n <int>

The number of lines for either head or tail.

If this is not specified, 10 is used.


Tail the log file.

Can't be combined with -h.


Grep is inverted.


The file should be un-gzipped.