App::Wubot::Guide::ReactorPlugins - overview of the reactor plugins


  - modify a field
    - SetField - set one or more fields to a configured value
    - CopyField - copy one field on the message to another field
    - DeleteField - remove a field and it's value from the message
    - CaptureData - use a regexp to capture data from a field and store it in another field
    - TransformField - capture data and reference that data in a value stored in another field
    - Split - split a field into multiple values and store the results in other fields
    - Template - reference message fields in a template to generate another field
    - HashLookup - look up the value of a field in a configured hash to populate another field
    - HTMLStrip - strip the HTML from a field
    - ImageStrip - strip image tags from a field

  - files and directories
    - CleanFilename - use the contents of a field to generate a safe and clean file or directory name
    - MakeDirectory - create a directory using a field on the message as the directory name
    - WriteFile - write the contents of a field to a file

  - export message data
    - RRD - store fields from the message in an RRD database and generate graphs
    - SQLite - insert or update fields from the message in a SQL table using a configured schema
    - SQLiteDelete - delete items in a sqlte table matching conditions defined in the message
    - Maildir - store the entire message in a maildir
    - MessageQueue - store the entire message in a wubot FIFO queue, implemented in SQLite

  - commands
    - Command - execute a command and capture the output and status, with named fork queues

  - notifications
    - Console - send a colorized console notification of the message subject
    - Growl - send a growl notification of the message subject
    - Icon - look for a suitable icon based on some common fields in the message
    - Dumper - dump the entire message using YAML::Dump, generally for debugging
    - IRC - send a message to a channel or a user on IRC
    - Voice - speak a message 'subject' field on OS X

  - data variation
    - State - send a notification any time a field's value changes by more than a configured amount

Each plugin has its own configuration schema. More information coming on this soon.