App::Wubot::Guide::WebUI - guide for using the wubot web interface


The web interface was recently changed from using Mojolicious::Lite to Mojolicious. So the instructions for starting up the webui have changed.

The recommended method for using the web ui is to clone the wubot git repository and run the web ui from there.

  cpan Dist::Zilla
  git clone git://
  cd wubot
  dzil authordeps | xargs cpan
  dzil listdeps | xargs cpan
  cp config/webui.yaml ~/wubot/config/
  bin/wubot-webui daemon

If you do not have git installed, you can also download and expand the tarball from github rather than using the 'git clone' command above.


  L<App::Wubot::Web::Rss> - stable

  L<App::Wubot::Web::Notify> - under heavy construction

  L<App::Wubot::Web::Tasks> - alpha

  L<App::Wubot::Web::Tv> - beta

  L<App::Wubot::Web::Graphs> - stable