App::Wubot::Config - read wubot plugin configuration


version 0.3.10


    use App::Wubot::Config


Reads configuration files for plugins for wubot-monitor from ~/wubot/config/plugins.

Each config file should live in a directory named after the plugin. For example, the configuration files for the App::Wubot::Plugin::RSS plugin will be read from ~/wubot/config/plugins/RSS.

Within each plugin directory, any files that end in .yaml will be read. The combination of the plugin directory and the filename will be used to build a unique 'key' for each plugin. For example, within the RSS directory, a file named 'slashdot.yaml' would be given the unique key 'RSS-slashdot'.

In additional to loading all .yaml files in the plugin directory, any files that end in the short hostname will also be loaded. For example, on a host named host1, the file slashdot.yaml.host1 would also be loaded. This makes it easy to sync a single configuration tree between multiple machines, but have some monitors only active on some machines. For more information, see also App::Wubot::Guide::MultipleBots.



Read all plugin configuration files from the config directories and load all config files ending in .yaml or .yaml.hostname into memory.

Config files are not automatically re-read on change. It is necessary to restart wubot-monitor to pick up a plugin configuration change.


Get a list of all plugin instance keys that are configured to run on the current machine.

get_plugin_config( $plugin_key, $param )

Given a plugin key and a config param, return the configuration for that plugin instance.