App::Wubot::Logger - wubot logging library


version 0.3.10


    use App::Wubot::Logger;


This package encapsulates the logging for Wubot. It loads and initializes Log::Log4perl. By default is uses the ScreenColoredLevels appender.


The default logging level is WARN.

If you invoke any script that uses App::Wubot::Logger with the following command line options, it will set the log level appropriately:

  -trace = trace level
  -d or -debug = debug level
  -v or -verbose = info level

Alternately, you can also set the following environment variables to true to control the log level:

  LOG_TRACE - trace level
  LOG_DEBUG - debug leve
  LOG_VERBOSE - info level

This library can also be used by test cases. When the script being run (determined by $0) ends in '.t', the default logging level is set to FATAL, and the normal (non-colored) screen appender is used. This helps reduce noise when running the test cases and prevent color codes which can cause problems with the test harness.


The wubot-monitor and wubot-reactor processes will automatically have all output logged to the log files:


Logging will use Log::Dispatch::FileRotate in order to perform nightly rotation of the log files.