App::Wubot::Plugin::RSS - monitor an RSS feed


version 0.3.10



  tags: news
  delay: 30m


  delay: 1h
  user: dude
  pass: lebowski
  proxy: socks://localhost:2080


Monitors an RSS/Atom feed (anything that can be parsed with XML::Feed). Sends a message any time a new article shows up in the feed. The message will contain the following fields:

  title: the article title
  subject: the article title, used for notifications
  link: the link
  body: article body


If an error occurs requesting the data, a reactor message will be sent containing the error in the subject, e.g.:

  subject: Request failure: 404 Not Found

If the RSS feed cannot be parsed by XML::Feed, a message will be sent containing the XML::Feed->errstr, e.g.:

  subject: Failure parsing XML Feed: $error text

If the feed contains no articles, the message will contain the text:

  subject: RSS-myfeed: No items in feed


The RSS monitor uses the global cache mechanism, so each time the check runs, it will update a file such as:


The monitor caches all subject in the feed. When a new (previously unseen) subject shows up on the feed, the message will be sent, and the cache will be updated. Removing the cache file will cause all items in the feed to be sent again.


This plugin uses App::Wubot::Util::WebFetcher.


check( $inputs )

The standard monitor check() method.