App::Wubot::Reactor::Status - keep track of check statuses


version 0.3.10


  - name: track status
    plugin: Status


Monitors the 'status' field of messages, and keeps track of how long plugin instances have been in a WARNING or CRITICAL state.

If a plugin instance is consistently reporting a problem state, subject fields will get suppressed. The Fibonacci sequence is used for suppression, so notifications are only sent on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 13th, etc. messages. On messages where the subject is suppressed, the subject field will be renamed to status_subject.

When the status is in a problem state, the notification subjects will also be updated to include the plugin status, and the number of notifications that have been sent with the notification in that state. For example:

  CRITICAL: No content retrieved! [21x CRITICAL]

The message color will also be updated to correspond to the status, i.e.:

  WARNING: yellow
  UNKNOWN: orange

This reactor plugin is brand new in 0.3.8. More updates will follow.


react( $message, $config )

The standard reactor plugin react() method.