App::Wubot::Reactor::UrlLengthen - lengthen URLs using WWW::LongURL


version 0.3.10


  - name: length URLs
    condition: subject matches http
    plugin: UrlLengthen
      field: subject


Lengthen shortened URLs using WWW::LongURL.

URLs are found in the specified fields using URI::Find.


react( $message, $config )

The standard reactor plugin react() method.

expand( $url )

Given a URL, attempt to expand it.

expand_location( $url )

Given a shortened URL, expand it by fetching the headers and getting the 'location' header.

expand_pltme( $url )

Expand URLs. I have been seeing a lot of these lately and they do not get expanded by WWW::LongURL yet.

expand_plusist( $url )

Retrieve the target URL from plusist URLs.

These are especially annoying since the URL in the browser shows up as the plusist URL, and the actual content is rendered in a frame.

This method gets the content of the plusist wrapper page and then parses the link from the link-frame.