Alex White (wu)


Wubot::Guide::MonitorPlugins - overview of the monitor plugins


  - web
    - RSS - monitor RSS/Atom feeds
    - WebFetch - fetch data from a web page
    - WebMatches - watch for new matches of a regexp on a web page
    - Twitter - monitor for new tweets

  - system
    - DiskSpace - check disk space and send warnings if disk space exceeds a threshold
    - Arp - monitor the ARP table
    - Ping - monitor ping times to remote hosts
    - Uptime - monitor system load
    - Command - run an external command and send a message with the output

  - files and directories
    - FileTail - monitor a file (think: tail -f) and send a message for each new line
    - Directory - monitor a directory for newly added files
    - FileRegexp - monitor a file and count the number of matches of a regexp over time
    - PathLastUpdate - warn if a directory hasn't been updated in a certain amount of time

  - idle time
    - OsxIdle - monitor idle/active time on OS X
    - WorkHours - keep track of your active/idle time over the last 7 days

  - instant messaging
    - IRC - monitor IRC, send notifications for joins, parts, and public and private messages
    - XMPP - send/receive data over XMPP, useful for sending messages between wubot instances

  - mail
    - Mbox - send a message any time a new email shows up in an mbox
    - OsxMailApp - monitor an OS X mailbox directory for new emails
    - Outlook - monitor outlook web and report the count of messages in the inbox

  - database
    - SQLite - run a query on a SQLite database and send the resulting messages with the matching rows

  - tv
    - TiVo - monitor for newly recorded shows on your tivo
    - XMLTV - fetch xmltv data and store it in SQLite, requires paid subscription to xmltv data

  - misc
    - SerialPort - monitor data from serial port, useful for monitoring data from arduino sensors
    - OsxVolume - notify if volume is low or muted on OS X
    - SunRise - notify time remaining until sunrise and sunset
    - MoonPhase - notify time remaining until next full/new moon

  - emacs org mode tasks
    - EmacsOrgMode - monitor your emacs org files for tasks
    - TaskDB - send notification about the highest priority task in your queue
    - TaskNotify - send notifications about tasks as they reach their schedule/deadline

Each plugin has its own configuration schema. More information coming on this soon.