Wubot::Plugin::Pulse - send a message once per minute


version 0.2.004


  # The plugin configuration lives here:

  # There is no actual configuration for this plugin.  All that is
  # needed is that a minimal configuration file exist:
  enable: 1

  # an example message:

  age: 0
  checksum: ae947857531889e0fb55a517c4e0fc94
  date: 2011-07-31
  day: sunday
  hostname: myhostname
  key: Pulse-myhostname
  lastupdate: 1312158327
  plugin: Wubot::Plugin::Pulse
  time: 17:25


The 'pulse' plugin sends a message once per minute. The message contains the following fields:

  date: yyyy-mm-dd
  time: hh:mm
  day: xday

The 'day' field will contain the full weekday name in lower case.

The message can be used within the reactor to trigger jobs to start at certain times or dates.

Each time the Pulse plugin runs, it will reschedule itself to run again at the minute change.

There is no guarantee that the pulse will occur on time, but there is a guarantee that no minutes will be skipped. When the Pulse plugin runs, it checks the cache to find the last time it was run. If any pulses were missed (e.g. because wubot was not running or was unable to run the Pulse for a minute), then the Pulse check will immediately send messages for all the missed minutes. If the pulse was triggered late, then the 'age' field on the message will indicate the number of minutes old that the message was at the time it was generated. If the 'age' field is false, that indicates that the message was sent during the minute that was indicated on the message.


check( $inputs )

The standard monitor check() method.