Wubot::Plugin::Uptime - monitor system load


version 0.2.004



  command: /usr/bin/uptime
  delay: 1m
  warning_load: 2.0
  critical_load: 3.0


Monitors the system load by parsing the output of the 'uptime' command. For example, if the uptime command produced this output:

  12:06  up 4 days, 14:03, 15 users, load averages: 0.80 0.81 0.67

Then results will be sent in a message containing:

  load01: 0.80
  load05: 0.81
  load10: 0.67
  status: ok

The 'status' field will be set to 'ok' if the load is less than the warning threshold, 'warning' if it is between the warning and critical thresholds, or 'critical' if it is above the critical threshold.

If the 1-minute load value exceeds the warning_load or critical_load threshold, then the message will contain a subject such as:

  warning: load over last 1 minute is {$load}
  critical: load over last 1 minute is {$load}


This plugin can be used to monitor load on a remote system that is accessible by ssh. Simply set the command like so:

  command: ssh somehost /bin/uptime




validate_config( $config )

The standard monitor validate_config() method.

check( $inputs )

The standard monitor check() method.