Alex White (wu)


Wubot::Reactor::ImageStrip - strip image tags from a field


version 0.2.004


  - name: strip images from 'body' field and store results in the field body_text
    plugin: ImageStrip
      field: body

  - name: strip images from the body field in-situ
    plugin: ImageStrip
      field: body
      newfield: body


The ImageStrip plugin attempts to remove any img or iframe tags from a message field. The original field content is not overwritten by default. If you do not specify a 'newfield', then the image-stripped content will be stored in a new field that matches the original field but ends in _text. If you specify a 'newfield' in the config, then the image-stripped text will be stored in that field. If you want to replace the contents of an existing field with the image-stripped content, then use the same field for both 'field' and 'newfield'.


react( $message, $config )

The standard reactor plugin react() method.