Wubot::Plugin::Mbox - monitor an Mbox file


version 0.2_002



  delay: 60
  path: /var/mail/wu


This monitor uses Mail::MboxParser to monitor for new emails in an mbox. Each time a new email arrives in the mbox, a message will be sent containing:

  subject: the email subject
  username: the email 'from' field
  cc: the email 'cc' field
  to_user: the email 'to' field
  date: the email 'date' field


The Mbox monitor uses the global cache mechanism, so each time the check runs, it will update a file such as:


The monitor caches all message IDs in the feed. When a new (previously unseen) message id shows up on the feed, the message will be sent, and the cache will be updated. Removing the cache file will cause all items in the feed to be sent again.