Wubot::Plugin::SunRise - monitor the sunrise and sunset times


version 0.2_002



  enable: 1
  longitude: -123.4567890
  latitude: 46.8002468
  delay: 1m


Uses Astro::Sunrise to monitor the sunrise and sunset times based on your location.

A notification will be sent after a state change, and then each hour before the event. For example, if the plugin is first run at 6:45pm, and the sunset is at 9:30pm, then the following messages would be sent:

  6:45pm - 2h45m until sunset
  7:30pm - 2h until sunset
  8:30pm - 1h until sunset
  9:30pm - sunset
  9:31pm - XhYm until sunrise


If you find the monitor to be too noisy, the reactor could be used to suppress some notifications.


The time of the next sunrise or sunset will be cached in the global cache. This prevents needing to do the expensive calculation over and over.

The cache file lives in: