Wubot::Reactor::User - try to identify user from the 'username' field


version 0.2_002


      - name: user
        plugin: User


The user reactor will parse the username field.

The original user id will always be preserved in the username_orig field. If the username_orig field already exists, it will not be overwritten.

If the username field contains an email address (e.g. the from on an mbox monitor message), then the domain will be captured into the username_domain field. If the email contains a full name it will be captured into username_full. Any leading or trailing quotes or spaces will be removed from the full username field.

Commonly usernames in IRC may contain some comment such as username|idle or username{idle}. Any such comments will be extracted into the username_comment field.

Any remaining text will be left in the username field.

After this plugin has reacted on the message, you may want to send it through the Icon reactor to determine if there is an appropriate icon for the user in your images directory. For more information, please see the 'notifications' document.

Eventually this plugin will be adapted to identify a user in a database of contacts, and optionally apply configuration data from the contact db, e.g. a nickname or a username_color.