This example imports offline conversion values for specific clicks to your account. To get Google Click ID for a click, use the "click_view" resource: To set up a conversion action, run the example.

SYNOPSIS [options]

    -help                       Show the help message.
    -customer_id                The Google Ads customer ID.
    -conversion_action_id       The ID of the conversion action to upload to.
    -gclid                      The GCLID for the conversion (should be newer than the number of days
                                set on the conversion window of the conversion action).
    -conversion_date_time       The date and time of the conversion (should be after the click time).
                                The format is "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss+|-hh:mm", e.g. "2019-01-01 12:32:45-08:00".
    -conversion_value           The value of the conversion.