Photonic - A perl package for calculations on photonics and metamaterials.

Copyright (C) 1916 by W. Luis Mochán

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version 0.012


     use Photonic::Geometry::FromEpsilon;


Creates a geometry object to be used in a Photonic calculation from a dielectric function which specifies a complex dielectric function for each pixel or voxel within the unit cell.


  • new(epsilon=>$pdl[, L=>$L])

    Creates a new Ph::G::FromEpsilon object

    $pdl is a 2:nx,ny,nz complex pdl whose value is the complex dielectric function for each point (nx,ny,nz) within the unit cell. The number of dimensions of its real and imaginary parts are the dimension of space, and each dimension is the number of voxels of the unit cell along the corresponding direction.

    $L is the size of the unit cell along the cartesian axes. By default, it is the number of voxels or pixels.

ACCESORS (read only)

  • B

    The characteristic function as a PDL. Note: this is not the true characteristic function, but just a PDL with the appropriate shape.

  • epsilon

    The dielectric function as PDL

  • L

    Unit cell sizes as a B->ndims pdl.