version 0.012


Photonic - A perl package for calculations on photonics and metamaterials.

Copyright (C) 1916 by W. Luis Mochán

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option) any later version.

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    Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM
    Apartado Postal 48-3
    62251 Cuernavaca, Morelos


    use Photonic::LE::S::OneH;
    my $nr=Photonic::LE::S::OneH->new(epsilon=>$epsilon,
    say $nr->iteration;
    say $nr->current_a;
    say $nr->next_b2;
    my $state=$nr->nextState;


Implements calculation of Haydock coefficients and Haydock states for the calculation of the non retarded dielectric function of arbitrary periodic N component systems in arbitrary number of dimensions. One Haydock coefficient at a time. Use k,-k spinors. MQ notes.


  • new(epsilon=>$e, geometry=>$g[, smallH=>$s])

    Create a new Photonic::LE::S::OneH object with GeometryG0 $g, dielectric function $e and optional smallness parameter $s.

ACCESORS (read only)

  • epsilon

    A PDL::Complex PDL giving the value of the dielectric function epsilon for each pixel of the system

  • geometry Photonic::Types::GeometryG0

    A Photonic::Geometry object defining the geometry of the system, the charateristic function and the direction of the G=0 vector. Should be given in the initializer.

  • B ndims dims r G GNorm L scale f

    Accesors handled by geometry (see Photonic::Geometry)

  • smallH

    A small number used as tolerance to end the iteration. Small negative b^2 coefficients are taken to be zero.

  • previousState currentState nextState

    The n-1-th, n-th and n+1-th Haydock states; a complex 2-spinor for each reciprocal vector.

  • current_a

    The n-th Haydock coefficient a

  • current_b2 next_b2 current_b next_b

    The n-th and n+1-th b^2 and b Haydock coefficients

  • iteration

    Number of completed iterations


  • iterate

    Performs a single Haydock iteration and updates current_a, next_state, next_b2, next_b, shifting the current values where necessary. Returns 0 when unable to continue iterating.

  • applyOperator($psi_G)

    Apply the Hamiltonian operator to state in reciprocal space. State is ri:pm:nx:ny... The operator is the longitudinal dielectric response in reciprocal-spinor space.

  • innerProduct($left, $right)

    Returns the inner (Euclidean) product between states in reciprocal and spinor space.

  • magnitude($psi_G)

    Returns the magnitude of a state by taking the square root of the inner product of the state with itself.

  • changesign

    Returns 0, as there is no need to change sign.


  • _firstState

    Returns the fisrt state.