Photonic - A perl package for calculations on photonics and metamaterials.

Copyright (C) 1916 by W. Luis Mochán

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option) any later version.

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    Apartado Postal 48-3
    62251 Cuernavaca, Morelos




version 0.012


    use Photonic::Geometry::FromB;
(for developers)
    package Photonic::Geometry::FromB;
    $Photonic::Geometry::Geometry::VERSION = '0.012';
    use namespace::autoclean;
    use Moose;
    has 'B' =>(is=>'ro', isa=>'PDL', required=>1,
               documentation=>'charateristic function');
    with 'Photonic::Roles::Geometry';


Roles consumed by geometry objects to be used in a Photonic calculation. See also the specific implementations under Photonic::Geometry.

ACCESORS (defined by the implementation)

  • B

    The characteristic function as PDL

ACCESORS (read write)

  • Direction0

    Direction of the zero length wavevector

ACCESORS (read only)

  • L

    Unit cell sizes as a ndims pdl.

  • units

    Basis e_i of basis vectors for the lattice

  • dims

    The dimensions [$X, $Y...] of the PDL B

  • ndims

    The number of dimensions of the PDL B, i.e., the dimensionality of space.

  • npoints

    Number of points within unit cell.

  • scale

    The distance between neighbor pixels along the axes.

  • r

    The position coordinates. In 2D, a 2,$X,$Y pdl. In 3D, a 3,$X,$Y,$Z pdl.

  • G

    The reciprocal lattice. In 2D, a 2, $X, $Y pdl. G.R=multiple of 2\pi.

  • GNorm

    The reciprocal lattice, normalized to 1. In 2D, a 2, $X, $Y pdl.

  • f

    Filling fraction of B region

  • unitPairs

    Normalized sum of pairs of unit vectors u_{(ij)}=normalized e_ i+e_j.

  • unitDyads

    Matrix of dyads of unit vector pairs d^{ij}_{kl}=u^{i}_{kl}u^{j}_{kl} as 2d matrix, adjusted for symmetry

  • unitDyadsLU

    LU decomposition of unitDyads. Used to obtain cartesian components of dielectric tensor from longitudinal dielectric functions along the directions given by unitPairs


  • Vec2LC_G($v_G)

    Returns the longitudinal component of a 'complex' vector field $v_G in reciprocal space.

  • LC2Vec_G($s_G)

    Longitudinal vector field from its longitudinal components in reciprocal space. Scalar field to vector field.



Test if Direction0 has been set.