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sreview-transcode - transcode the output of sreview-cut into production-quality media files


sreview-transcode TALKID


sreview-transcode performs the following actions:

  • Look up the talk with id TALKID in the database.

  • Create the preroll slide from the preroll template, after applying template changes to it

  • If a postroll template is defined, create the postroll slide using the same process as for the preroll slide. If no postroll template is defined, use the statically configured preroll

  • If an apology template is defined and the current talk has an apology note that is not zero length and not NULL, create the apology slide for this talk

  • Convert the preroll slide, postroll slide, and (if any) apology slide to a 5-second video with the same properties as the main raw video

  • For each of the configured profiles, do a two-pass transcode of the concatenated version of preroll, apology (if available), main, and postroll videos to a production video


sreview-transcode considers the following configuration values:


The DBI string used to connect to the database


The directory in which to find the output of sreview-cut


The top-level directory in which to store production output data


Array of fields on which to base subdirectories to be created under outputdir. The fields can be one or more of:


The ID number of the event that this talk was recorded at


The name of the event that this talk was recorded at


The name of the room in which this talk was recorded


The date on which this talk occurred


The year in which this talk occurred


The location where any temporary files are stored. Defaults to /tmp, but can be overridden if necessary. These temporary files are removed when sreview-transcode finishes.


The name of an SVG template to be used for the preroll (i.e., opening credits). Required.


The name of an SVG template to be used for the postroll (i.e., closing credits). Either this option or postroll is required.


The name of a PNG file to be used for the postroll (i.e., closing credits). Either this option or postroll_template is required.


The name of an SVG template to be used for the apology slide (shown right after the opening credits if an apology was entered). Only required if at least one talk has an apology entered.


A profile that generates videos which can be concatenated with input videos without re-transcoding anything. If not specified, uses the input video as a "profile".


An array of profile names to be produced (see above for the details). Defaults to webm.


The transformation performed over the SVG files is a simple sed-like replacement of input tags in the template file. All data is XML-escaped first, however.

The following tags can be set inside the SVG file:


The names of the speakers, in this format:

    Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname and Firstname Lastname


The name of the room where the talk was held.


The title of the talk.


The subtitle of the talk.


The date on which the talk was held.


The apology note defined for this talk.

If one of these fields has no data for the given talk, then the tag will be replaced by the empty string instead.


sreview-cut, sreview-previews, sreview-skip, sreview-config, SReview::Video::ProfileFactory