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vpm - Preprocess verilog code


vpm [ --help ] [ --date ] [ --quiet ] [ directories... ]


Vpm will read the verilog file specified and preprocess it. The output will be named .vpm unless another name is given with -o.

If a directory is passed, all files in that directory will be preprocessed recursively. Typicall usage in this case is to use a -o with another output directory.



Preprocess and write out files that do not have any macros that need expanding. By default, files that do not need processing are not written out.


Special standalone chip compile


Check file dates versus the last run of VPM and don\'t process if the given source file has not changed.


Displays this message and program version and exits.


Suppress messages about what files are being preprocessed.


By default, $error and $warn insert a $stop statement. With --nostop, this is replaced by incrementing a variable, which may then be used to conditionally halt simulation.


Special vericov enable/disables added.


Special verilator translation enabled.

--o file

Use the given filename for output instead of the input name .vpm. If the name ends in a / it is used as a output directory with the default name.


These verilog pseudo-pli calls are expanded:

$assert (case, "message", [vars...] )

Report a $error if the given case is FALSE. (Like assert() in C.)

$assert_amhot (sig, [sig...], "message", [vars...] )

Report a $error if more then one signal is asserted. (None asserted is ok.)

$assert_info (case, "message", [vars...] )

Report a $info if the given case is FALSE. (Like assert() in C.)

$assert_onehot (sig, [sig...], "message", [vars...] )

Report a $error if other then one signal is asserted.

$assert_req_ack (req_sig, ack_sig, [data_sig,...] )

Check for a single cycle request pulse, followed by a single cycle acknowledgement pulse. Do not allow any of the data signals to change between the request and acknowledgement.

$check_ilevel (level )

Return true if the __message level is greater or equal to the given level, and that global messages are turned on.

$coverage (signal, [signal...] )

Add code to perform coverage analysis on all possible values of the given signals, or with $expand around a signal, the value of each bit independently.

$info (level, "message", [vars...] )

Report a informational message in standard form. End test if warning limit exceeded.

$error ("message", [vars...] )

Report a error message in standard form. End test if error limit exceeded.

$warn ("message", [vars...] )

Report a warning message in standard form.


Verilog::Parse, Verilog::Pli


The latest version is available from CPAN http://www.perl.org/CPAN/ as part of Verilog-Perl or http://veripool.com/verilog-perl.html.


Wilson Snyder <wsnyder@wsnyder.org>, Duane Galbi <duane.galbi@conexant.com>