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Wilson Snyder


vppp - Preprocess Verilog code using verilog-perl


  vppp --help
  vppp [verilog_options] [-o filename] [verilog_files.v...]


Vppp reads the Verilog files passed on the command line and outputs preprocessed output to standard out or the filename passed with -p.


The following arguments are compatible with GCC, VCS and most Verilog programs.

+define+var+value =item -Dvar=value

Defines the given preprocessor symbol.

-f file

Read the specified file, and act as if all text inside it was specified as command line parameters.

+incdir+dir =item -Idir

Add the directory to the list of directories that should be searched for include directories or libraries.


Specify the extensions that should be used for finding modules. If for example module x is referenced, look in x.ext.

-y dir

Add the directory to the list of directories that should be searched for include directories or libraries.



Displays this message and program version and exits.

--o file

Use the given filename for output instead of stdout.


Removes empty lines from the output. Should be used with --noline, as if correct line numbers are needed, blank lines must be preserved for proper accounting by the program reading the output of vppp.


Remove comments.


Remove `line directives.


Rigorously obey the Verilog spec. This disables the `__FILE__ and `__LINE__ features, and may disable other features that are not specified in the language reference manual. Defaults false.


Requests simple output, an alias for --noline, --nocomment and --noblank.


Vppp supports the preprocessing constructs defined in the Verilog 2001 and SystemVerilog 3.1 standards.

The following additional constructs may be added to your Verilog code.


The __FILE__ define expands to the current filename, like C++'s __FILE__.


The __LINE__ define expands to the current line number, like C++'s __LINE__.

`error string

This will report an error when encountered, like C++'s #error.


Verilog-Perl is part of the http://www.veripool.com/ free Verilog EDA software tool suite. The latest version is available from CPAN and from http://www.veripool.com/verilog-perl.html.

Copyright 2000-2006 by Wilson Snyder. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License or the Perl Artistic License.


Wilson Snyder <wsnyder@wsnyder.org>


Verilog::Getopt, Verilog::Preproc