Author image Alexandra Hrefna Maheu
and 1 contributors


MY::Makefile - Make it possible to organize this project in this manner using ExtUtils::MakeMaker


MY::Makefile exists primarily as a wrapper to supply ExtUtils::MakeMaker with data pertinent to building XS modules using automatic discovery. MY::Makefile also allows one to organize the source, object files, XS files, and typemaps into a subdirectory. It is recommended that this wrapper be reused only for smaller XS projects where every C, XS or typemap file lives in a single directory.



Create a new MY::Makefile object with options specified in %opts The following options can be specified.


Specify the directory where source files exist. Default value is the current directory (.).


Specify a directory wherein source files should be built into objects. Default value is the value specified in srcdir, or (.) if neither is specified.


Specify a true value here to indicate that only source, XS and typemap files listed in the MANIFEST file should be included for consideration in the Makefile. Otherwise, MY::Makefile will scan srcdir.

When the object is created, the source, XS, and typemap files will be scanned from the specified sources and their locations will be noted. Furthermore, object file paths will be calculated for compiled sources.



Pass all values calculated at object instantiation time to ExtUtils::MakeMaker, and generate a Makefile.


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