Business::CyberSource - Perl interface to the CyberSource Simple Order SOAP API


version 0.004009


This library is a Perl interface to the CyberSource Simple Order SOAP API built on Moose and XML::Compile::SOAP technologies. This library aims to eventually provide a full interface the SOAPI.

You may wish to read the Official CyberSource Documentation on Credit Card Services for the Simpler Order API as it will provide further information on why what some things are and the general workflow.

To get started you will want to read the documentation in Business::CyberSource::Client and Business::CyberSource::Request. If you find any documentation unclear or outright missing, please file a bug.

If there are features that are part of CyberSource's API but are not documented, or are missing here, please file a bug. I'll be happy to add them, but due to the size of the upstream API, I have not had time to cover all the features and some are currently undocumented.


all environment variables are prefixed with PERL_BUSINESS_CYBERSOURCE_


causes all requests to be carped to STDERR





set's the username and password in the client for running tests.

Direct Currency Conversion


sets the test credit card expiration year for both Visa and MasterCard


sets the test credit card expiration month for both Visa and MasterCard


A test credit card number provided by your your credit card processor


A test credit card number provided by your your credit card processor


        use 5.010;
        use Carp;
        use Try::Tiny;

        use Business::CyberSource::Client;
        use Business::CyberSource::CreditCard;
        use Business::CyberSource::Request::Authorization;
        use Business::CyberSource::Request::Capture;

        my $client = Business::CyberSource::Client->new({
                username   => 'Merchant ID',
                password   => 'API Key',
                production => 1,

        my $credit_card
                = Business::CyberSource::CreditCard->new({
                        account_number => '4111111111111111',
                        expiration => {
                                month => 9,
                                year  => 2025,

        my $auth_request = try {
                                card           => $credit_card,
                                reference_code => '42',
                                first_name     => 'Caleb',
                                last_name      => 'Cushing',
                                street         => '100 somewhere st',
                                city           => 'Houston',
                                state          => 'TX',
                                zip            => '77064',
                                country        => 'US',
                                email          => '',
                                currency       => 'USD',
                                total          => 5.00,
                catch {
                        carp $_;

        my $auth_response = try {
                        $client->run_transaction( $auth_request );
                catch {
                        carp $_;

                        if ( $auth_request->has_trace ) {
                                carp 'REQUEST: '
                                . $auth_request->trace->request->as_string
                                . 'RESPONSE: '
                                . $auth_request->trace->response->as_string

        unless( $auth_response->is_accepted ) {
                carp $auth_response->reason_text;
        else {
                my $capture_request
                        = Business::CyberSource::Request::Capture->new({
                                reference_code => $auth_request->reference_code,
                                request_id     => $auth_response->request_id,
                                total          => $auth_response->amount,
                                currency       => $auth_response->currency,

                my $capture_response = try {
                        $client->run_transaction( $capture_request );
                catch {
                        carp $_;

                        if ( $capture_request->has_trace ) {
                                carp 'REQUEST: '
                                . $capture_request->trace->request->as_string
                                . 'RESPONSE: '
                                . $capture_request->trace->response->as_string

                if ( $capture_response->is_accepted ) {
                        # you probably want to record this
                        say $capture_response->reconcilliation_id;

This code is not meant to be DRY, but more of a top to bottom example. Also note that if you really want to do Authorization and Capture at one time use a Sale. Most common Reasons for Exceptions would be bad input into the request object (which validates things) or CyberSource just randomly throwing an ERROR, in which case you can usually just retry later. You don't have to print the response on error during development, you can easily just use the DEBUG Environment variable




Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website

When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


Caleb Cushing <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2011 by Caleb Cushing.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)