Business::CyberSource::Response - Response Object


version v0.2.4


Every time you call submit on a request object it returns a response object. This response can be used to determine the success of a transaction, as well as receive a follow up request_id in case you need to do further actions with this. A response will always have decision, reason_code, reason_text, request_token, and request_id attributes. You should always use either introspection or check the decision to determine which attributes will be defined, as what is returned by CyberSource varies depending on what the decision is and what was sent in the request itself.



Reader: request_id

Type: MooseX::Types::Varchar::Varchar[29]

This attribute is required.


Reader: reason_text

Type: Str

This attribute is required.

Additional documentation: official description of returned reason code. warning: reason codes are returned by CyberSource and occasionally do not reflect the real reason for the error please inspect the trace request/response for issues


Reader: decision

Type: MooseX::Types::CyberSource::Decision

This attribute is required.

Additional documentation: Summarizes the result of the overall request


Reader: reason_code

Type: Int

This attribute is required.

Additional documentation: Numeric value corresponding to the result of the credit card authorization request


Reader: request_token

Type: MooseX::Types::Varchar::Varchar[256]

This attribute is required.

Additional documentation: Request token data created by CyberSource for each reply. The field is an encoded string that contains no confidential information, such as an account or card verification number. The string can contain up to 256 characters.


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