Dancer::Route::Cache - route caching mechanism for Dancer


    my $cache = Dancer::Route::Cache->new(
        path_limit => 300, # optional

    # storing a path
    # /new/item/ is the path, $route is a compiled route
    $cache->store_path( 'get', '/new/item/', $route );
    my $cached_route = $cache->route_from_path('/new/item/');


When Dancer first starts, it has to compile a regexp list of all the routes. Then, on each request it goes over the compiled routes list and tries to compare the requested path to a route.

A major drawback is that Dancer has to go over the matching on every request, which (especially on CGI-based applications) can be very time consuming.

The caching mechanism allows one to cache some requests to specific routes (but NOT specific results) and run those routes on a specific path. This allows us to speed up Dancer quite a lot.



Creates a new route cache object.

    my $cache = Dancer::Route::Cache->new(
        path_limit => 100,   # only 100 paths will be cached
        size_limit => '30M', # max size for cache is 30MB

Please check the ATTRIBUTES section below to learn about the arguments for new().


Fetches the route from the path in the cache.

store_path( $method, $path => $route )

Stores the route in the cache according to the path and $method.

For developers: the reason we're using an object for this and not directly using the registry hash is because we need to enforce the limits.


Parses the size wanted to bytes. It can handle Kilobytes, Megabytes or Gigabytes.

NOTICE: handles bytes, not bits!

    my $bytes = $cache->parse_size('30M');

    # doesn't need an existing object
    $bytes = Dancer::Route::Cache->parse_size('300G'); # works this way too


Returns a rough calculation the size of the cache. This is used to enforce the size limit.


Returns all the paths in the cache. This is used to enforce the path limit.



Allows one to set a size limit of the cache.

Returns the limit (post-set).

    $cache->size_limit('10K');      # sets limit
    my $limit = $cache->size_limit; # gets limit


A path limit. That is, the amount of paths that whose routes will be cached.

Returns the limit (post-set).

    $cache->path_limit('100');      # sets limit
    my $limit = $cache->path_limit; # gets limit


Sawyer X


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