podmanual - converts pods into docbook or pdf manual


podmanual [ OPTIONS ] [ module names | pod files ]


Take the pods given as arguments and generate a manual out of them.

The pods can be given as module names or file names. If no pods are passed as arguments, podmanual will read them from STDIN, assuming a format of one module name per line.


-format [ pdf | docbook | latex ]

Output format. 'pdf' is the default.

-output filename

Filename of the generated manual. Defaults to 'manual.pdf' or 'manual.docbook', depending on the choosen format.

If the format is 'pdf', the suffix '.pdf' will be appended to filename, if not already present.

If the format is 'docbook' or 'latex', the suffix '.docbook' or '.tex' will be appended to filename if no suffix is already present. Also, the special filename 'stdout' can be given to have the manual printed to STDOUT.

-title manual title

Set the manual title. If the option is not invoked, the name of the first module will be used as the title of the manual.


Don't output any status message.


Output podmanual's manpage and exit.


Output podmanual's usage and exit.


This document describes podmanual version 0.08




Please send bug reports to <>, or via the web interface at


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Yanick Champoux, <>