Apache::AxKit::Language::Babel - Lamguage selector for multilingal documents


in httpd.conf or .htaccess

The languages of the document are selected to be the first non-null element of the following:

1. The lang attribute of the query string (e.g.,

2. The default attribute of the <doc_lang> tag.

        E.g.:  <doc_lang default="fr" available="fr,en" />

3. The first content-language as defined by the browser listed in the available attribute of <doc_lang>.

4. The first language listed in the available attribute of <doc_lang>.

                <doc_lang default='en' available='en,fr,ge' />
                <lang_menu />
                <p lang='en'>Hi there!</p>
                <p lang='fr'>Bien le bonjour!</p>
                <p lang='ge'>Gutten Tag!</p>
                <p>This paragraph will appears in all versions 
                        of the document.</p>

available used by the <lang_menu /> tag

<lang_menu/> generate an html menu of all available languages, as provided in <doc_lang/>

        For example, the xml doc above would produce

        <p><a href="/your/uri?lang=en">english</a><br/>
           <a href="/your/uri?lang=fr">francais</a></p>