Yohei Yoshimuta
and 3 contributors


linux-get-pidstat - cli tool for Linux::GetPidstat


    linux-get-pidstat - command description
      Usage: command [options]
        --pid_dir                     A directory path for pid files
        --res_file                    A file path to be stored results
        --interval                    Interval second to be given as a pidstat argument (default:1)
        --count                       Count number to be given as a pidstat argument (default:60)
        --dry_run                     Dry run mode. not run the side-effects operation (default:1) (--no-dry_run is also supported)
        --datetime                    Datetime (ex. '2016-06-10 00:00:00') to be recorded
        --include_child               Flag to be enabled to include child process metrics (default:1) (--no-include_child is also suppoted)
        --max_child_limit             Number to be used for limiting pidstat multi processes (default:30) (skip this limit if 0 is specified)
        --mackerel_metric_type        Metric type of mackerel (default:service) (only use one of 'service' or 'host')
        --mackerel_api_key            An api key to be used for posting to mackerel
        --mackerel_service_name       An mackerel service name
        --mackerel_metric_key_prefix  Key prefix of mackerel metric name (default:batch_)
        --mackerel_host_id            An mackerel host id
      Requirement Programs: pidstat and pstree commands