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Encode::Korean - Perl extension for Encoding of Korean: Transliterator Generator


  use Encode::Korean::TransliteratorGenerator;

  my $coder = Encode::Korean::TransliteratorGenerator->new();


  while($utf_input = <>) {
        print $coder->encode(decode 'utf8', $utf_input);


This module provide a generic Korean transliterator class. You can define your own rules and create your own transliterator object.

The transliteration based encoding modules uses this class. See Encode::Korean.

How to define a custom transliteration set

 @CONSONANT  : array of 19 consonant letters
 @VOWEL      : array of 21 vowel letters
 $EL         : jongseong l
 $ELL        : consecutive l's 
 $NAUGHT     : soundless choseong ieung
 $SEP        : syllable separator
 $MODE       : CamelCase, greedy_sep, smart_sep 

eg. South Korean Standard

 @CONSONANT = qw(g kk n d tt r m b pp s ss ng j jj ch k t p h);
 @VOWEL = qw(a ae ya yae eo e yeo ye o wa wae oe yo u wo we wi yu eu ui i);
 $EL = "l";
 $ELL = "ll";
 $NAUGHT = "'";
 $SEP = "-";


Transliteration modes for ambiguous syllable boundary resolution.

1. Use CamelCase

Makes syllables capitalized. Ignores $NAUGHT and $SEP. Not yet implemented at all.

 eg. 하나 -> HaNa, 한아 -> HanA

2. Greedy Separator

Insert $SEP between syllables. Implemented. The object can produces (when encode) transliteration with greedy separator mode and recognize (decode) it.

 eg. 하나 ->, 한아 -> han'a, where $SEP = '.'; $NAUGHT = "'";
 eg. 하나 ->, 한아 -> han.a, where $SEP = '.'; $NAUGHT = undef;

3. Smart Separator

Insert $SEP when syllable boundaries are ambiguous in transliteration. Partially implemented. The object can recognize (decode) it but does not produce it.

 If $NAUGHT is defined and is not null:

   insert $NAUGHT for the soundless head (choseong ieung)
   insert $SEP between consonant groups.

   eg. 하나 -> hana, 한아 -> han'a
   eg. 앉자 ->, 안짜 -> an.cca

 else :

   insert $SEP for the soundless head and between consonant groups.

   eg. 하나 -> hana,    한아 -> han.a
   eg. 앉자 ->,  안짜 -> an.cca 
       앉하 -> anc.ha,  안차 -> an.cha
   eg. 갂아 -> kakk.a,  각가 -> kak.ka, 가까 -> kakka
       각까 -> kak.kka, 갂가 -> kakk.ka
       갂까 -> kakk.kka



You Hyun Jo, <you at cpan dot org>


Copyright (C) 2007 by You Hyun Jo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.8 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.