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In the class interface, you will not use this class.

In the object interface, this class provides the interface into the API.


You can construct this class by passing in either a "WebService::Braintree::Configuration" in config object or the parameters necessary to build a "WebService::Braintree::Configuration" in config object.


This ojbect provides the following methods. These methods are used to retrieve the object that will give access to different elements of the Braintree API.

For additional documentation of how to use these objects, please refer to the object's documentation. For general documentation, please refer to the main documentation of WebService::Braintree.

"WebService::Braintree::AddOnGateway" in add_on

List all plan add-ons.

"WebService::Braintree::AddressGateway" in address

Create, update, delete, and find addresses.

"WebService::Braintree::ApplePayGateway" in apply_pay

List, register, and unregister ApplePay domains.

"WebService::Braintree::ClientTokenGateway" in client_token

Generate client tokens. These are used for client-side SDKs to take actions.

"WebService::Braintree::CreditCardGateway" in credit_card

Create, update, delete, and find credit cards.

"WebService::Braintree::CreditCardVerificationGateway" in credit_card_verification

Find and list credit card verifications.

"WebService::Braintree::CustomerGateway" in customer

Create, update, delete, and find customers.

"WebService::Braintree::DiscountGateway" in discount

List all plan discounts.

"WebService::Braintree::DisputeGateway" in dispute

Accept, and find disputes.

"WebService::Braintree::DocumentUploadGateway" in document_upload

Manage document uploads.

"WebService::Braintree::EuropeBankAccountGateway" in europe_bank_account

Find Europe Bank Accounts.

"WebService::Braintree::IdealPaymentGateway" in ideal_payment

Find IdealPayment payment methods.

"WebService::Braintree::MerchantGateway" in merchant

Provision merchants from "raw ApplePay".

"WebService::Braintree::MerchantAccountGateway" in merchant_account

Create, update, and find merchant accounts.

"WebService::Braintree::PaymentMethodGateway" in payment_method

Create, update, delete, and find payment methods.

"WebService::Braintree::PaymentMethodNonceGateway" in payment_method_nonce

Create, update, delete, and find payment method nonces.

"WebService::Braintree::PayPalAccountGateway" in paypal_account

Find and update PayPal accounts.

"WebService::Braintree::PlanGateway" in plan

List all subscription plans.

"WebService::Braintree::SettlementBatchSummaryGateway" in settlement_batch_summary

Generate settlement batch summaries.

"WebService::Braintree::SubscriptionGateway" in subscription

Create, update, cancel, find, and handle charges for subscriptions.

"WebService::Braintree::TransactionGateway" in transaction

Create, manage, and search for transactions. This is the workhorse class and it has many methods.

"WebService::Braintree::TransactionLineItemGateway" in transaction_line_item

Find all the transaction line-items.

"WebService::Braintree::TransparentRedirectGateway" in transparent_redirect

Manage the transparent redirection of ????.

NOTE: This class needs significant help in documentation.

"WebService::Braintree::UsBankAccountGateway" in us_bank_account

Find US Bank Accounts.

"WebService::Braintree::WebhookNotificationGateway" in webhook_notification

Manage the webhook notiifcations.

NOTE: This class needs significant help in documentation.

"WebService::Braintree::WebhookTestingGateway" in webhook_testing

Manage the webhook testing.

NOTE: This class needs significant help in documentation.