skos2jskos - convert SKOS/RDF to JSKOS


  skos2jskos OPTIONS [ FILES | URL ]


This script can be used to convert SKOS data from local RDF files, URL, or SPARQL-endpoint to JSKOS format (SKOS in JSON-LD). The script is aligned with JSKOS 0.4.4 but it does not cover all possible fields yet.

On success the following files are created in normalized JSON:


JSKOS description of the concept scheme


JKSOS description of all concepts

Location of the files can be controlled with option --directory and option --name can be used to prepend a prefix to each file.

Conversion is not optimized for speed so be patient!

SKOS requirements

The concept scheme MUST have a title (dct:title).

All concepts MUST be linked from the concept scheme via skos:inScheme or skos:topConceptOf.


--directory | -d

Output directory to write JSKOS files to. Current directory by default.

--name | -n

Filename prefix to append to exported files. E.g. --name foo will create foo-scheme.json and foo-concepts.ndjson.

--language | -l

Default language to use for literal values without language (en by default).

--quiet | -q

Don't show status messages

--verbose | -v

Show detailed processing messages


Show more detailed processing information

--scheme | -s

Concept scheme URI

--sparql | -q

SPARQL endpoint

--help | -h | -?

Show usage description


Show version of this script