spod5 - Displays spod5 (pod to s5) presentations


  <Location /presentations>
  DocumentRoot /path/to/presentations
  Plugin spod5


This plugin uses Pod::SAX to turn pod files on the fly into S5 presentations.

See for details on S5's HTML format.

Requires the s5 javascript and css files under ui/default in the directory of your POD files. These are shipped with AxKit2 in the demo/spod5 directory.


Every =head1 heading creates a new slide. Everything else is just the good old POD format you know and love.

You can use =img PATH to include an image.

Use =meta ITEM DATA to define metadata. The following pieces of metadata can be used:

  • title

  • author

  • company

  • presdate

    (Presentation Date)

  • view

    "outline" or "slideshow" (default = "slideshow")

  • controls

    "hidden" or "visible" (default = "hidden")

  • title_top

    (A header)

  • title_bottom

    (A footer)

Use =over -1 to tell spod5 that the list should display incrementally. Use =over -2 to tell spod5 that the list should display incrementally with the first item automatically shown.