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stasis - an encrypting archive tool using tar, gpg and perl


  stasis [options]


      --destination -de destination directory to save the encrypted archive to
      --days        -da only create an archive if one doesn't exist within this many days (optional)
      --files       -f  filepath to a text file of filepaths to backup
      --ignore      -i  filepath to a text file of glob patterns to ignore (optional)
      --limit       -l  limit number of stasis backups to keep in destination directory (optional)
      --passphrase      passphrase to use
      --passfile        filepath to a textfile containing the password to use
      --referrer    -r  name of the gpg key to use (instead of a passphrase or passfile)
      --temp        -t  temp directory path, uses /tmp by default
      --verbose     -v  verbose, print progress statements (optional)
      --help        -h  print this documentation (optional)



Save all the files listed in files_to_backup.txt (one per line) to Dropbox:

  $ stasis --destination ~/Dropbox --files files_to_backup.txt --passphrase mysecretkey
  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt --passphrase mysecretkey

Use passfile instead of passphrase

  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt --passfile /path/to/passfile

Use referrer GPG key to encrypt

  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt -r keyname@example.com

Ignore the files matching patterns in .stasisignore

  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt -r keyname@example.com -i .stasisignore

Verbose mode

  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt -r mygpgkey@email.com -v

Only keep the last 4 backups

  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt --passphrase mysecretkey -l 4

Only make weekly backups

  $ stasis -de ~/Dropbox -f files_to_backup.txt --passphrase mysecretkey --days 7


  • GnuPG

  • GNU tar

  • Perl

stasis has been tested on Linux with GNU tar v 1.28, GnuPG v1.4.19 and Perl 5.20.2. It should work on many earlier versions too.


If --files contains the temp or destination location in it, tar will create an infinite loop.

When a passphrase or file is provided, symmetric GPG encryption is done using AES256 cipher algorithm. At the time of development this is considered secure, but only as strong as the passphrase used to encrypt the data.


  $ cpan Stasis


  $ git clone https://github.com/dnmfarrell/Stasis
  $ cd Stasis
  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make
  $ make install




David Farrell © 2015


FreeBSD (2 clause BSD license)